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Product Engineering

   Taran Comprint has a robust approach and in depth knowledge to implement processes hand in hand with product life cycles. Core competencies like well drafted requirement document and following model driven approach it help in improving productivity, creating value adding softwares leading to intact software product engineering services. Product definition is very critical in IT and with product development life cycle being highly flexible with very less time to market the solution it becomes higly important to deliver solutions with perfection, on time and on budget which we make sure to comply with a rigor towards Quality production.

Product Development

   With more then 30 years of acquaintance with IT industry the knowledge and experience has elegantly moved to Taran Comprint and we have maturity and in-depth expertise required for analyzing, designing & developing new products using latest technology solutions, across multiple verticals. Along with product development we also lead the way in re-engineering solutions so as to improve the manufacturing process, which helps customers in managing changes in technology and enhancement in the legacy system by understanding, analyzing and reprocessing of existing software assets. We provide product engineering in very analytical way so as to minimize maintenance costs and enable scalability in the software developed. As a result of our maturity we have multiple channel partners working in parallel mode with us to design, develop and re-engineer software products for various verticals.

Product Testing

   Quality production is the key objective behind our product building and in order to deliver superior products and services in market Taran Comprint undergoes & offers a wide range of testing services that delivers maximum value to the product development for clients at the lowest total cost of ownership. We do understand the need and criticality of the testing at time of product engineering which makes us able to offer innovative manual and automated testing services to all our customers. We make sure to utilize minimum resources and to come up with virtual environments to test products on multiple platforms and thereby making product acceptable across platform which in turn increases our Customer satisfaction.

Product Maintenance and Support

    Taran Comprint’s aptitude in understanding product makes it possible to provide services that enable our client to undergo upgrades and enhancement to their products using latest technologies that offer improved functionalities and better end user experience, thereby enables us to deliver value added services in terms of maintenance leading to enhanced increased customer satisfaction.

Taran Comprint leverages its availability and flexibility to work for multiple domains to provide a broad spectrum of product support services for existing applications such as:

  • Technical support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Testing enhancements and sharing best practices

We have our helpdesk support available on call, emails and via all other technological means to maintain our customer support and high satisfaction level.

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