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   Taran is a trusted solution provider to numerous institutions in providing secured delivery of assessment. With 25 years of experience with our associates Taran has created brand for confidentiality, credibility, and efficiency.

Our services to education world and corporate sector:

  • Entrance Exam

    • To access aptitude in all disciplines of education from primary school to higher secondary, Undergraduate Levels to Doctoral Programs and Professional Courses.

  • Recruitment Exam

    • Support HR practices of corporate and SME sector from recruitment and selection to performance evaluation.

  • Academic Assistance at School Level

    • Integrated learning support from Grade I to XII, including formative and summative exams.

  • Certification Exam

    • Provide licensure and certification testing to ensure eligibility of candidates for various trades and vocations.

  • Skill Test

    • Our professionals provide skills test for personality development.

  • Knowledge Gap Assessment

    • To provide bridge between education institution and industry requirement.

  • Employability Test

    • To meet requirement for various jobs from new entrance to higher cadres through the tools of employability test.
    • Cater to customized test for corporates for their requirements at various levels and skill-sets, through consultation by our HR specialist in Industrial Psychology and Subject Experts.

  • Psychometric Assessment

    • Render psychometric services to check validity, reliability and fairness in all categories of testing.

  • Custom Developed Assessment

    • Our subject experts give customized assessment in all subjects of universities and colleges.
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