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Document Management System

   The E Governance is fast moving to electronic document management system from the paper version Taran offers end-to-end doc management solutions to organizations so that they can efficiently manage and utilize their unstructured content to improve their productivity.

Benefits of Our Document Management System

   Content storage and processing are two big challenges of any organization because they consume lot of space and time. This increases overheads and lowers the return on investment. Our office document management solution helps you overcome the drawbacks and leverages your business in following ways:

  • Streamlines the entire document processing cycle
  • Replaces paper with electronic file, which can be encrypted and securely stored in central database
  • Provides quick on-demand access to any required information at touch of buttons
  • Ensures complete compliance to regulatory and legal requirements, necessary for e-documentation
  • Reduces processing time and storage area
  • Ensure better reporting and information sharing across enterprise
  • Offers a highly secure central information repository which can be accessed by authorized users only
  • Facilitates quick search, retrieval and sharing of files
  • Creates up-to-date log of each and every electronic document or file accessed/used in the organization
Our DMS software is user-friendly and supports your documentation needs in following ways:

  • Scans and converts paper files, which might include text, figures, diagrams, etc into electronic version
  • Stores electronic file in central data bank
  • Creates an audit trail of each and every electronic file accessed
  • Ensures regulatory compliances
  • You can customize your documentation management system specific to your needs
  • DMS automatically OCR all files in background and create index based on text version of the document
  • Document can be saved in Database as well in File System


Product Maintenance and Support

    Taran Comprint’s aptitude in understanding product makes it possible to provide services that enable our client to undergo upgrades and enhancement to their products using latest technologies that offer improved functionalities and better end user experience, thereby enables us to deliver value added services in terms of maintenance leading to enhanced increased customer satisfaction.

Taran Comprint leverages its availability and flexibility to work for multiple domains to provide a broad spectrum of product support services for existing applications such as:

  • Technical support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Testing enhancements and sharing best practices

We have our helpdesk support available on call, emails and via all other technological means to maintain our customer support and high satisfaction level.

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